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This is a special selection of blog posts that share a single topic of Summer in Marin County. 
If there’s one way to tell summer has arrived it’s at a number of events dedicated to the season. More than a dozen summer festivals, fairs, parades, and markets will take over your calendar if you’re headed to Marin.

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Last-Minute Memorial Day Weekend Guide to Marin County

By Joe Kukura


The unofficial start of summer is almost here, and Marin County, the “sunny side of the Golden Gate Bridge,” shines as a great getaway for your Memorial Day weekend enjoyment. Perfectly placed right...[Read More]

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Best Camping Spots for Memorial Day Weekend and Beyond

By Megan Eileen McDonough


Memorial Day weekend is around the corner, so start planning that getaway with Mother Nature. Marin has a number of campsites distributed throughout the county, but we’ve rounded up five of our...[Read More]

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Be the Star of Your Summer Adventure in Marin County

By Whitney Butler


All great adventures have a few things in common: a compelling plot with a few surprises, memorable heroes and sidekicks, and a whole lot of action. Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Goonies,...[Read More]