Films & Permits

Filming in Marin County and Unincorporated Areas

1. Filming on County Maintained Roads and Highways - Case by Case Review
Marin County Department of Public Works
Land Development Division
3501 Civic Center Drive, Room 304
San Rafael, CA 94913
In response to the COVID-19 emergency, the Public Works office will be closed to public access but will continue to provide essential services.
The Public Works office can be reached at (415) 473-6528 
Fax: (415) 473-3799
Permit submitted via Email:
Must permit a minimum of three (3) working days in advance.

Encroachment Permits for filming

For Marin County Public Works, Land Development contacts:

A Film and Encroachment Permit must be obtained from DPW for filming on all Marin County maintained roads. Film permit applications must be submitted a minimum of five days in advance of the requested dates of filming. 

Once the application and paperwork have been approved through the county, coordination of the actual filming on roads or highways should be made by first contacting:
For California Highway Patrol support, contact the CHP Film Media Relations Officer at the CFC:
California Highway Patrol Liaison
Officer Ian Ramer, Filming Liaison / Media Relations 
Phone:  (323) 817-4103
Mobile: (213) 703-2070

Local Marin CHP Contact:
Officer Robert Winnie 
California Highway Patrol - Corte Madera
Phone: 415-924-1100 x 241


2. Filming in Marin Municipal Water District - Case by Case Review
For all inquiries contact:
Marin Municipal Water District
Sabrina Gonzales, Administrative Assistant
Sky Oaks Ranger Station
Phone: 415-945-1180
Fax: 415-945-1171
Land Use Regulations Permit allowed during daylight hours only
Off-Road areas of Fairfax/Bolinas Road are permitted by Marin Municipal Water District


3. Filming in Unincorporated Areas of West Marin - Case by Case Review 
Please note: The following unincorporated areas of West Marin will need the required permits through Marin County's Department of Public Works/Land Development with a ranger on site.
Permit submitted via Email:
The following contacts have requested to be notified only of any filming in their areas, but do not issue permits. Click here for all County of Marin Film Permit Regulations

Point Reyes Station: Ken Levin(415) 663-9666. (Point Reyes Station Village Association), or via
Fairfax/Bolinas Road: Sabrina Gonzales, Marin Municipal Water District (415) 945-1180
Town of Bolinas: Bolinas Fire Chief Anita Brown (415) 868-1566: BCPUD, Jennifer Blackman (415) 868-1224
Town of Marshall or ON Marshall-Petaluma Road: Tracy Manheim (East Shore Planning Group) (415) 663-1030
Town of Tomales: Donna Clavaud, (707) 364-6397 Email:
Nicasio Village: Rocky Shone (415) 662-2016 (Nicasio Landowners Assn. Pres.)
Lucas Valley Homeowners Association: Anette Lowder (415) 472-3202
Kent Woodlands, contact Jeanne Williams (415) 721-7429
Filming in the Sleepy Hollow area of Greensburg and Whiteplains Streets, contact Carolyn Goodman (415) 250-6264
Check with the Department of Public Works staff on all special requirements.

Filming in the unincorporated town of Stinson - Case by Case Review
Marin County Department of Public Works
Land Development Division
3501 Civic Center Drive, Room 304
San Rafael, CA 94913
Phone: (415) 473-6530
Fax: (415) 473-3799
For Marin County Public Works, Land Development website:


4. Filming on the Golden Gate Bridge - Accepting permit applications
For all inquiries contact:
North Approach contact: Paolo Cosulich-Schwartz  
Email:​ 30-day advance request required
Film/ Photo Permit Information:
Priya Clemens, Public Affairs Director: 415-317-2222

5. Filming in Marin County Parks  - Accepting permit applications
Includes Upton Beach (north of Stinson Beach)
For all inquiries contact:
Lisa Wilson/Open Space Park Ranger
Marin County Parks
3501 Civic Center Drive, Suite 260
San Rafael, CA 94903
Permit line: 415-473-7608
Ranger line: 415-473-2816
Fax: 415-499-7192
Location List and Maps

Must permit a minimum of 10 business days in advance/10 hour day maximum
Inquiries are to be directed towards McNears, McInnis, Paradise, and Stafford Lake parks only, which are more recreational and not considered a nature preserve like open space areas.

6. Filming at the Marin Civic Center and Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Building
- Accepting permits for filming on a case by case basis

For all (film/photo) interior building inquiries contact:
Tammy Taylor, Marin County Community Development Agency
Phone: 415-473-7873

For all (film/photo) exterior building inquiries contact:
Land Development Department
Marin Civic Center
Phone: 415-473-3755 (Monday through Thursday)

7. Filming at the Marin Center Exhibit Hall, Showcase Theater, and Fairgrounds
- Accepting permits for filming on a case by case basis

For all (film/photo) interior and exterior inquiries contact:
Libby Garrison, Marketing & Communications - County of Marin 
10 Avenue of the Flags, San Rafael, CA 94903 
Phone: 415 473 6014


View running footage of Marin County scenes:

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