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Looking for that perfect location? Don't miss visiting our photo library for exceptional Marin visuals and for more images, view our Instagram account and Mustang Scout for road visuals. If you can't find what you want, please do not hesitate to ask us! We have local Marin County references and are here to help answer your questions!


Film Locations and Scouts

Find a Marin County location listed on We are continually building our library, so keep checking back for more. Visit our designated locations web page to find the perfect spot you need!


Baldwin Production Services scouts and catalogs locations for all commercial media, web/mobile/social, stills, motion, and is ready for the next platform, from glasses to buildings. We maintain the largest Location Library in Northern California, and scout daily for a wide variety of advertisers, including the automotive, technology, decor, lifestyle, fitness & healthcare, financial, fashion, and many other industries. Native New Yorker, scouting CA since 1986, shooting every day. Extensive blue highways and international travel, loving every minute, ready to rock. Permits and management a la carte. Find more information via my Facebook links.

Contact:  415.699.0729 - Cell /

Birdman, Inc.

BirdMan Inc is a full-service location scouting business based in San Rafael that has provided unique and thorough location solutions for over 17 years.

Working with local and international photographers, art directors and producers, the team has developed a reputation as one of the best location services in Northern California. With a client list ranging from BMW to HP to Williams-Sonoma, BirdMan Inc has built and organized an extensive location library over the past several years.
The team of highly skilled photographers brings an exceptionally high level of vision, craft and creativity to all of their scouting assignments.

In addition to fresh scouting, BirdMan manages a 650,000 image digital library that swiftly cross-references subjects, names and descriptions. From homes to roads to offices Birdman Inc always provides a variety of great solutions.

BirdMan Inc Location Scouts: Contact Matt Reoch at 415.543.3830 | cell: 415.203.5975 | Fax: 415.459-.3830
637 Lindaro Street, Suite 201
San Rafael, CA 94901

Mint Locations: The Bay Area's location service representing one-of-a-kind environments that set the stage for exceptional film and photo shoots. The company's scouts mine the vast talent pool of Bay Area designers, architects, builders and visionaries to source unique and iconic properties. Mint specializes in private locations with 50 properties in Marin County: extraordinary homes, lofts, villas, ranches, and estates throughout Northern California.

Contact Cindi Osborn: 415.671.9091 |

Resource Guides

The Marin County Film Resource Office is a department that operates under the Marin Convention & Visitors Bureau as a 501c(6) which was created to serve as an informational resource to the film industry. We are pleased to provide film scouts and production crews with appropriate contact and permit information if planning to film in any public space throughout Marin County. Here also is a listing of resources which hopefully will assit any person in locating the information needed in finding the perfect Marin Location!

Reel DirectoryThe Reel Directory: Northern California's One-Stop Production Resource for Crews, Equipment & Support Services. Serving the Bay Area for 30+ years.


Thousands of Production Professionals Professional's in the Entertainment Industry use the Creative Handbook and as their first choice for below-the-line production services.

The Creative Handbook is proud to work with major entertainment Guilds, Associations, and Groups to network our advertisers. Not only are we the major LA production and event guide, we promote resources that are located all over the world.

Feature Film producers and their production staff use the resources of the Creative Handbook when they are in the initial planning and budgeting stages of a production, whether it be a major studio release or the challenges of the independent filmmaker. Busy production freelancers on commercials and music videos use the handbook, whether they are in their production offices planning or out on location searching for an immediate need. Major Studio & TV Network employees have been using Creative Handbook for 18 years to find all the necessary products and services to complete their big budget projects.

SAG-AFTRA represents approximately 160,000 actors, announcers, broadcast journalists, dancers, DJs, news writers, news editors, program hosts, puppeteers, recording artists, singers, stunt performers, voiceover artists, and other media professionals. The SAG-AFTRA San Francisco–Northern California Local represents all members working in Northern California.

350 Sansome Street, Suite 840  San Francisco, CA 94104  (415) 391-7510

Not sure which Marin jurisdiction your "location" falls under? Find out HERE and view a number of interactive GIS applications. Explore more than 80 different map layers including property boundaries, hazards, jurisdictions and natural features. Query by address or Assessor Parcel Number. Print maps too!    Please note: Best Viewed on IE8/9 or FireFox 2 and up. If you have additional questions, please feel free to give us a call for assistance.

California's Marine Sanctuary Foundation

California is the first state in the nation to establish a network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), similar to national parks, forests and wilderness areas on land, to protect and restore ocean habitats and increase the health, productivity and resilience of ocean ecosystems. California took a regional approach to the design and implementation of MPAs along its coast and divided the state into four coastal regions. The network has created over 120 underwater refuges along the California coast. These maps are provided to help understand which marine areas are protected areas.

Production Studios

32TEN Studios is located on the legendary lot in Marin County where Industrial Light & Magic built a state of the art production facility for the creation of ground-breaking visual effects. In fact, the current 32TEN Studios facility includes the shop where models for such legendary franchises as Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean were imagined and created.
Led by Tim Partridge, Greg Maloney, Greg Beaumonte, Geoff Heron and Sean House, 32TEN Studios has the experience and knowledge needed to deliver the unique combination of realism and impact that practical effects add to any scene.

32TEN Studios includes a 6,000-square-foot soundstage with a 60-foot green screen, production offices, wardrobe and make-up rooms, model and set fabrication shops, special effects equipment, and a 135-seat screening room.

32Ten Studio Logo32TEN Studios - The studio at 3210 Kerner Boulevard in San Rafael, Marin, is where most of the major effects movies of the 80s and 90s shot their practical effects. As the home of ILM, it played host to the Star Wars movies, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Pirates of the Caribbean and much, much more. As 32TEN Studios, it is now available to productions of all sizes and has recently hosted Pacific Rim and The Lone Ranger as well as commercials for the likes of Sony, Tesla, and Google. The sound stage is 6000 square feet with 30 feet to the grid, has a 60-foot green screen and has also been used for music videos and industrials.

Contact Tim Partridge, CEO/co-founder | 800.717.3210 | cell: 415.205.4426
3210 Kerner Boulevard
San Rafael, CA 94901

Projects done at 32TEN Studios

Guidelines for Listing Your Property

Your Property in a Starring Role!
If you own a home in Marin County, have an old barn, or any interesting location that would be available as a film or photo shoot location, let us know. We can list it and refer inquiries directly to you. Included here are some guidelines for listing your property for filming. For more detailed information, contact Deborah Albre, Film Liaison.

Services of the Marin County Film Resource Office

* Free location photography and scouting
* Referrals of local film crew availability 
* Facilitate the permitting process of film and television productions in the Marin area 
* Crew room accommodations

Complete our Marin Request for Proposal (RFP) for group rates and we will send your request out to our hotel partners to attain the best room rate available. Some Marin properties have a Film Industry Promotion in place that offers up to a 25% room discount and free breakfast. Included also could be on-site complimentary parking and large open lobby perfect for production meetings.

The Marin County Film Resource Office is a current member of Film Liaisons in California Statewide (FLICS), a network of regional film offices and commissions that work cooperatively with the California Film Commission. We are dedicated to promoting filming throughout California and assisting productions with locations, permits, resources, and local knowledge —all at no charge!
Our primary objective is to retain, attract and facilitate feature film, television commercial and print media production in California. We Are Here For You.

The Marin County Film Resource Office is a member of the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI). AFCI is the official professional organization for film commissioners who assist film, television, and video production across the globe. The AFCI is a non-profit educational association whose members serve as city, county, state, regional, provincial, or national film commissioners in their respective governmental jurisdictions. With more than 300 AFCI-Member Film Commissions on six continents, you can almost always find an AFCI Member Film Commission to support your production.


Meet Your Film Liaison



Deborah Albre
Film Liaison and Creative Services
Marin Film Resource Office
Direct Cell: 415-297-1611


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