Films & Permits


The Marin County Film Resource Office is here to help you find the perfect location for your project and assist in finding the correct contact for permitting.

With its photographic locations, year-round good weather, a growing number of specialized vendors, and several annual well-respected film festivals, Marin County is well-positioned to contribute to the film and video technology.  San Francisco's International Airport is an hour's drive from Marin County just over the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Mare Island Film Studio is a half-hour drive away in Vallejo. You are welcome to use any or all the resources listed on the following pages for locating film and permit information.

For film crew accommodations, please visit our Request for Proposal web page.

The Marin County Film Resource Office is a department that operates under the Marin Convention & Visitors Bureau which was created to serve as an informational resource to the film industry. We are pleased to provide referrals for film scouts and production crews as well as appropriate contact and permit information if planning to film in any area throughout Marin County.

Sandwiched between San Francisco and the Napa/Sonoma wine country, Marin County is an ideal choice for filmmakers and travel writers of all sorts. Even though we may be "just a little out there" we really are in the middle of it all!