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Marin Transportation Resources

Marin County is expansive and getting there quickly usually just does not happen.  Below are a handful of traffic tips that will help you on the roads.  There is also a variety of transportation methods of getting around, from bus and ferry service, to destination shuttles, airport transfers, and car rentals.

Commuter Traffic Tips

Morning commute: 6am-10am, southbound Hwy. 101 between SR-37 and Lincoln Ave.

  • Evening commute: 3:30pm-6:30pm, northbound Hwy. 101 between Seminary Dr. and Mission Ave.
  • Evening commute: 3:30pm-6:30pm, northbound between DeLong Ave. and the Marin-Sonoma County line.

For the best use of your travel time, it is advised to stay off the 101 Freeway and main city thoroughfares from 7am to 10am and 4pm to 6pm.

It is highly recommended that you utilize public transportation when available to access Marin’s most popular attractions.  The Muir Woods Shuttle service runs a shuttle to Muir Woods during the summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and it is the best way to see the beautiful redwoods without the traffic hassle.  Other forms of public transportation such as the Golden Gate Transit Bus service, and the Golden Gate Ferry service are also recommended when visiting Marin and the Greater Bay Area.

Please be respectful of local considerations when parking and accessing a high volume tourist area such as Pt. Reyes, Muir Woods, Angel Island, etc. During the weekdays, traffic to these locations is lighter than on weekends, but remember to observe all parking requirements and respect for the local population when traveling to these areas.  Marin has an abundance of natural beauty and outdoor attractions so please enjoy responsibly and tread lightly when visiting our most popular attractions.

Try to plan your trip to Marin during the weekdays or during the off-season (Nov-March) to get the maximum amount of time in our area with the least amount of traffic issues.  The selection of attractions, shopping, dining, outdoor activities, and other visitor related areas is greatly enhanced for the visitor who comes to Marin County during this timeframe. Weekday trips offer the visitor nearly unlimited opportunities to see Marin County while minimizing your travel footprint.