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Permits for Individual Marin Cities

Film Permit Applications for Marin Cities

Marin County defers to the California Blue Print for a safer economy: regarding specific businesses. All permits will need to include a completed site-specific plan for each location. The Marin Recovers website includes templates to use for Covid Safety:

Final approval on all permits with completed SSP forms need to go to the following contact:
Laine Hendricks, Public Health Officer
Department of Health and Human Services
3240 Kerner Blvd., San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone: 415 473-4163

Filming in Corte Madera Case by Case Review
For the Corte Madera Film Permit Application:

For assistance with filming in Corte Madera, contact:
Brian Hernandez, Film Coordinator/Director of Parks & Recreation
Corte Madera Parks & Recreation
Phone: 415-927-5072 - Town Hall: 415-927-5086

Filming in Fairfax Case by Case Review
For assistance with filming in Fairfax, contact:
Michelle Gardner, Deputy Town Clerk
Town of Fairfax
142 Bolinas Road
Fairfax, CA 94930
Phone: 415-458-2343 - Town Hall 415-453-1584
Fairfax Police Department
Phone: 415-453-5330 

Filming in Larkspur Case by Case Review
For the Larkspur Film Permit Application
Permit filing requirement: five business days

For assistance with filming in Larkspur, contact:
Shannon O'Hare
City of Larkspur
Phone: 415-496-2401 - Town Hall: 927-5110

Filming in Mill Valley Case by Case Review
For the Mill Valley Film Permit Application and Business License Forms:
Mill Valley Police Dept for Special Events
Permit Applications
Road Closures
Commercial Filming Fees
Lt. Jacqueline Graf-Reis
Phone: 415-389-4100 x 4114

For assistance with filming in Mill Valley parks and Depot Square:
Regarding Authorization & Rates:
Annie Bricca, Facility Supervisor of Parks & Recreation
Mill Valley Parks & Recreation Department
Phone: 415-383-1370 

Public Works Officer who reviews permits, evaluates traffic/parking/etc:
Dante Rovero, Public Works
Phone: 415-388-4033 

Filming in Novato Case by Case Review
For the Novato Film Permit Application:
Novato Hold Harmless Agreement
Film/Photo Permit-City of Novato

For assistance with filming in Novato, contact:
Sgt. Chris Andres
Novato Police Department, 909 Machin Ave.
Phone: 415-899-7027 - Town Hall: 415-899-8900

Filming in Ross Case by Case Review
For the Ross Film Permit Application:
Filming Motion Pictures, Still Pictures or Television
Ross Town Hall
Linda Lopez, Town Clerk
31 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard (at the corner of Lagunitas Road)
Ross, CA  94957
Phone: 415-453-1453 ext. 105 - Town Hall: 415-453-8287

Filming in San Anselmo Case by Case Review
For the San Anselmo Photo Shoot/Film Permit Application:
San AnselmoFiim-PhotoShtApp.pdf  
Permit filing requirement: five business days

For assistance with filming in San Anselmo, contact:
Town of San Anselmo/Public Works Dept.
525 San Anselmo Ave.
San Anselmo, CA 94960
Phone: 415-258-4646 - Town Hall: 415-258-4600

Filming in San Rafael  - Case by Case Review
City of San Rafael contact:
Lisa Holton | Lieutenant
San Rafael Police Department
1375 Fifth Avenue | San Rafael, CA 94901
Tel. (415) 485-3000 |
Fax (415) 485-3034 | Desk (415) 485-3049
The city requires a business license for filming. Any street closures and parking will require additional plans. Neighborhood notification is a requirement if you are filming in a residential location. Here is the link for the business license:

Also consider 32TEN Studios which has an indoor studio, an outdoor backlot, and production rooms for any type of project. Leave contact and project information for a quick callback here.

Filming in the Town of Tiburon - Case by Case Review
For assistance with filming in Tiburon, contact:
Patty Pickett, Business License Administrator
Town of Tiburon
1505 Tiburon Blvd
Tibruon, CA 94920
Phone: (415) 435-7373
Fax: (415) 435-2438 
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