Media · October 2016

Finding Fall in Marin

California Fall Color has begun hearing from color spotters that the first signs of fall color are appearing… still a month from the official start of autumn! To view the fall foliage in Marin, check out areas in San Amselmo around the San Francisco Seminary, take a drive out to the coast on Lagunitas Road to notice the color change. Gerstle Park will amazing color along their Sycamore tree lined streets, Mill Valley on Miller has cherry trees and Ginkos turing bright yellow. Head to the nearest Farmers Market anywhere in Marin and fall colors will be ever present.

Fall offers some of the finest weather of the year in Marin so make sure you take some time to hit the trail and take in a hike before the weather turns cold and wet. A great spot to find that heady mix of fall colors and evergreens is Samuel P. Taylor State Park, with its oaks, firs, madrones and old-growth redwoods. Throw the bikes on the rack, and take a Sunday drive along bucolic Sir Francis Drake Boulevard to the park entrance, 15 miles west of San Rafael. Samuel P. Taylor boasts a few great trails for biking and hiking safely with kids, especially the dog-friendly (and relatively flat) Cross Marin Trail that winds alongside Lagunitas Creek. Bring food and enjoy a relaxing lunch at the Azalea Picnic Area to complete the day. 

Samuel P. Taylor State Park
8889 Sir Francis Drake Blvd
Lagunitas, CA
(415) 488-9897

Head south for an hour and you will hit Baltimore Canyon Open Space Preserve, home to redwood, oak, maples and other deciduous trees. Kids will enjoy some creek romping while they search for the red, orange and yellow leaves that blanket the floor. Adventurous hikers should make Dawn Falls their destination.

Baltimore Canyon Open Space Preserve
Blithedale Ridge Road
Kentfield, Ca 

 Seeking that true Halloween pumpkin patch experience?

Nicasio Valley Farms Pumpkin Patch offers a real on-the-farm experience and the Godmother's Pumpkin Patch at St. Vincent's is a local tradition and an exciting Halloween experience for families.