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Advanced Etiquette


Contact:  Syndi Seid

    Known as a world’s leading etiquette expert, Syndi Seid’s Advanced Etiquette provides unique learning experiences in international business protocol and social etiquette, serving both businesses and individuals. Syndi enjoys traveling anywhere to help people master the ultimate etiquette skills to avoid faux pas and business/political blunders.  Syndi’s Bio Here.

    Syndi serves all levels of business and hospitality for conference speaking, public and private group seminars, consulting, and coaching. 

    All 2023 public seminars are located in Marin and San Francisco. See www.advancedetiquette.com/schedule for full details.

    Important to note: Now through February 28th is their annual discount period for any public seminar in 2023, available now.  For company and group discounts, please get in touch with Syndi directly.




    Gina Marr-Hiemstra
    Vice President