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Welcome to the place you never knew you always wanted to visit

Marin County is a paradise for outdoor recreation with weather that allows visitors and residents alike to enjoy mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, and sailing all year round. But it's also a wonderful place to do next to nothing at all. Lounge by a beach, get pampered at a spa, watch the fog roll into the Bay from the top of Mt.Tam.

The choice is yours. And every choice is right.

Trip Ideas while visiting Marin County:

Art and Culture: Marin is a community that attracts arts and culture of every kind. From music to fine art, to film, this land is fertile ground for artists and those who deeply appreciate the culture and history of every kind. Click here for more information.

Culinary Adventures: In a corner of the world known for fine family farms, gorgeous dairy land, fresh seafood, and a dedication to culinary craftsmanship, amazing meals are everywhere to be found. But if you’d rather not leave it to chance, here are a couple of amazing days of food for you to follow. Click here for more information. 

Family Activities:  In a place filled with natural and man-made magic, there’s no shortage of family fun to be had. Kids of all ages will be thrilled by the discoveries, large and small, that can be found in every corner of Marin County.  Click here for more information. 

Marin Shopping: Marin County knows how to shop. It's filled with people who love the finest things from all around the world - and the best selection from local craftspeople and artisans. Shopping in Marin has a very California style to it. Click here for more information.

Marin Nightlife: The Bay Area has always been fertile ground for music and nightlife. Renowned artists from the Grateful Dead to Metallica have made their musical mark in San Francisco, but have chosen to live their days here in Marin County.  Click here to experience Marin's music and nightlife offerings.

Marin As Homebase: The beauty of Marin is fully realized and self-contained. But, there's another beauty worth noting - it's central location. From your home base of Marin County, you can explore other things that the Bay Area has to offer. Download itinerary here.

Outdoor Adventure & Sports allow the visitor plenty of time to leisurely explore the art and culture of Marin County, stroll among the towering redwood trees in Muir Woods National Monument, or casually meander the back roads of the Marin Headlands for spectacular ocean views and adventures in history. Download itinerary here.