The Haven at Tomales

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    Photo Credit: Megan Clouse

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    Photo Credit: Kimberly Macdonald Photography

900 Cerini Road
Tomales, CA 94971

Experience 1,000 acres on the California Coast nearly untouched by humans since gold rush settlers in the 1800s laid claim to the land. The Haven at Tomales is located on a family owned and operated private ranch, home to Purebred Angus cattle and a flock of sheep. The 1800’s barn and terraced gardens have some of the most perfect views of canyons and one of California’s largest Eucalyptus forests. The rolling hills, sweeping trees and sparkling ponds are a sanctuary for some of California’s most beloved wildlife creatures, such as deer, quail and geese.

Built over a century ago, The Haven has been transformed from a historic barn into a glamorous location to celebrate and gather. The original barn wood has been preserved to create one-of-a-kind natural lighting. From the reaching pillars to the antique wood framed windows, the architecture from that time period is truly dramatic.  Come experience true elegance in nature!

The family who oversees the ranch has a deep passion for nature conservation. They are committed to environmentally friendly and responsible, locally sourced farming practices. The land has been at the forefront of soil and riparian preservation practices. The focus has been on reducing carbon footprint to do our part in preventing climate change. We believe each piece of conservation is uniquely important to preserving our precious resources and know when put into practice together, they make an impactful difference.

Every event is unique and special.  The Haven at Tomales can accommodate all special events including educational agriculture tours, corporate retreats, large group celebrations, private dinners, commercial shoots for film and catalog, festivals, and weddings.  This historic location is truly the Bay Area's hidden treasure event venue.  Escape to a private location surrounded in nature. Your guests can clear their minds in a breathtaking meeting space and refresh their outlook on this beautiful thing called life. 

The ranch is about an hour and a half north of San Francisco and less than a mile from the Pacific Ocean. The Haven is easy to get to, but feels as if you are in your own world. This private enclave of elegance transforms into a magical backdrop for your event of a lifetime.

Our hope is to partner with individuals who have a love for nature. The exclusive experience on this California coastal land is truly a rareness in the modern world we live in.