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Perfect Wellness and R&R Weekends in Marin

Posted Wednesday, June 7, 2023 by MCVB Staff

By Megan Eileen McDonough

Marin County might be an outdoor adventurer’s dream destination, but don’t rule out some indoor recreation, too. In most parts of Marin, there are spas and wellness centers, many of which offer both Eastern and Western treatments. Whether you’re resting up after a strenuous morning activity or simply looking for an excuse to pamper yourself silly, these six spas and wellness retreats will do the trick.  


Asian-Influenced Treatments

After a day of sightseeing and hiking, you’ve more than earned your respite at International Orange. Located in Larkspur, the spa specializes in skin and body treatments, as well as acupuncture. For a full-body massage, there are several options, ranging from traditional Thai and hot stone massages to signature treatments. Acupuncture is a smart choice for those wishing to restore balance to the mind and body.  While it might seem like too much of a splurge, International Orange has a rotating set of weekly specials so you don’t break the bank.


Restorative Workouts

When you’re all shopped out at Corte Madera Town Center, treat yourself to a massage at Bay Club Marin. The space spans 60,000 square feet and includes fitness and recreation areas along with an on-site spa. Throughout the week, Bay Club Marin offers many classes—from cycling and group fitness classes to aquatics and Pilates. For a wellness-focused morning, sign up for the Sunrise Yoga classes, usually held weekdays at 5:45 a.m. Alternatively, opt for a specialty yoga class that focuses on stretching the back muscles and alleviating any excess pain.


Brightening Facials

Located at the Strawberry Village Shopping Center in Mill Valley, Evo Spa is the perfect one-stop-shop for rest, rejuvenation and relaxation. Besides the massage treatments, it offers many brightening facials using results-oriented, therapeutic products that are gentle yet fast-acting on the skin. Try one of the signature cleansing facials, like the European Facial, aimed at restoring a youthful glow. Too many options? Let your aesthetician decide!


Science-Driven Sessions

Also located at the Strawberry Village Shopping Center, SkinSpirit is focused on advanced skincare and medical spa treatments—think custom facials, Botox Cosmetic, laser hair removal and CoolSculpting. The facials are highly customizable, depending on your skin type, whether you have sensitive skin, active acne or other skin conditions. CoolSculpting, on the other hand, is a way to safely treat fat cells. Many have turned to this method for its weight-loss and body-contouring benefits. SkinSpirit is closed on Sundays, so plan for a Saturday appointment.


Alternative Treatments

No two bodies are the same and no two stretches at The StretchLab are the same. Located at Strawberry Village the StretchLab is anything but average.  One-on-one stretching is about identifying tightness and imbalances in your body and customizing a stretch routine that is just for you. Our clients may come in with pain, tightness or specific focus areas, but they keep coming back and commit to their flexibility journey once they experience the freedom that comes with having a wider range of motion and flexibility.

At the 9 Corners Club Med-Cryo-Spa in Novato, health care is a crucial aspect of the overall experience. The club is dedicated to providing expert healthcare services that go beyond traditional spa offerings, aiming to promote healing, inspire personal growth, and encourage investigation into one's well-being.

Whether it's undergoing rejuvenating spa treatments, receiving personalized wellness consultations, or engaging in specialized therapies, guests at 9 Corners can expect a healthcare experience that is tailored, sophisticated, and focused on their individual needs. The club aims to empower guests to take charge of their health, explore new possibilities, and embark on a transformative journey towards well-being.


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