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Find Your True Romance in Marin

Posted in Blogging Marin on Tuesday, April 13, 2021 by MCVB Staff

By Maryann Tobin


Spending time with the person who means the most to you can take on many forms. Whether couples are looking for a cozy B&B, a new nature trail adventure or just some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Bay Area, Marin County is the perfect place to bring it all together.


Romantic vistas

With stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay, few places offer a better setting for romance than Marin County. By day, the California sun casts its glistening warmth over the lush rolling hills and forests of this Bay Area treasure. Along the footprint of hills, you'll find some of the best beaches in the world just waiting for you to explore with your partner.


At night, the lights of the city shine like mirrors of the starlit sky. There are few better ways to take in this romantic view than from one of more than 500 restaurants in Marin County. And many offer locally grown, farm fresh foods that will make your dining experience even more special.


Surrounded by this canvas of charm, fine dining and natural beauty, the stage for romance is set.


Adventures with nature

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of nature is that it's always changing. Seasonal growth and weather events are constant forces reshaping our landscape. Because of that, no two experiences are exactly alike.


If you are looking for a nature adventure to share with someone special in your life, there might be no better way to create that memory than by mountain biking, walking a nature trail or enjoying one of Marin County's other amazing outdoor activities.


In Marin County, you can feel free to bond with family, friends or your special partner like never before with horseback riding, camping and fishing, or by simply taking in the sunset from a quiet spot on a hillside.


Weddings and other events

A wedding is more than a promise between two people; it’s an event to distinguish a memory like no other. In addition to traditional hotel venues and churches, wedding services can be customized experiences set on beaches or at Marin County’s historic sites. These sites can also be used to cater to other special events for business, as well as to mark personal milestones among family, friends, couples and partners of every type.


For all you need to plan your Marin County vacation, visit the Marin Convention & Visitors Bureau’s website or Facebook page.