Playlists from Northgate Mall


Northgate Mall has closed most of its operations, however some "essential" retails remain open.  Please check on their modified hours before leaving home.

Below are some playlists to enjoy while at home, thanks to Northgate Mall:

This playlist on SoundCloud is my go-to. I swear I am just 10x more productive when listening to it – it’s like I get into a focused trance and can’t stop!

This playlist on Spotify is proven to be solid! I saw a few friends posting about it on Instagram and had to give it a try. Apparently the music is recorded in 3D with two microphones to give it a more realistic sound. I don’t know what all of that means, but I can say from experience it has helped me focus on my work!

This playlist on YouTube is also a favorite! I listened to it more a couple weeks ago, but might bring it back into the rotation in the next couple of days! 


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