Emmeline Craig's Blissful Gallery

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3415 Shoreline Highway
Stinson Beach, CA  94970

Emmeline Craig, born in France, moved to California in 2000. You can meet her and see her work at her own Blissful Gallery in Stinson Beach, CA. on Highway 1. Her paintings, large and small, have won the hearts of private collectors and art lovers from San Francisco Bay to Asia, Brazil​ and Europe.

Emmeline’s spacious and benevolent paintings are quantum portals to harmony. Their relaxing and uplifting effect empowers and nurtures the viewer at a deep level, where serene clarity transcends circumstances.  Beyond the artistic quality of each painting, her mastery resides in reconnecting people with their innate soul-seated bliss.

The Blissful Gallery currently carries Emmeline’s work exclusively.   Each painting is crafted as a mental spa. A visual meditation. A feeling of spaciousness that relaxes your whole nervous system at every sight… A mind massage.

Emmeline Craig’s Blissful Gallery is open Saturdays:  11:00am – 5:00pm and Sundays:  11:00am – 4:00pm and by appointment on weekdays.