Chipotle at Northgate


5800 Northgate Mall, Suite 044
San Rafael, CA 94903-3691

Great tasting food starts with great quality, raw ingredients. That’s why we’re obsessed with searching the nation’s farms and ranches for the freshest, finest, most wholesome ingredients we can find. We want you to have it all: the best ingredients, selected with care for animal welfare, the environment, the family farm, and your health. We serve more naturally raised meat – from humanely raised and vegetarian-fed animals that are never given antibiotics or growth hormones – than any other restaurant in the world. And wherever possible, we like to get our produce from local family farms each summer.

Food like this was once served only by the most discerning chefs in the top restaurants or available in specialty food markets. But we think everyone deserves to eat better food from better sources – because food of this quality not only tastes superior, but is better for you.