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Permits for Individual Marin Cities

Film Permit Applications for Marin Cities

Permit contacts and downloadable applications are listed here by city name in Marin County.
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Filming in Corte Madera
For the Corte Madera Film Permit Application:
For assistance with filming in Corte Madera, contact:
Mario Fiorentini, Film Coordinator/Director of Parks & Recreation
Corte Madera Parks & Recreation
Phone: 415-927-5072 x 7 - Town Hall: 415-927-5086
Email: mfiorentini@tcmMail.org

Filming in Fairfax
For the Fairfax Film Permit Application:
For assistance with filming in Fairfax, contact:
Michelle Gardner, Deputy Town Clerk
Town of Fairfax
142 Bolinas Road
Fairfax, CA 94930
Phone: 415-458-2343 - Town Hall 415-453-1584
Email: mgardner@townoffairfax.org

Cynthia Powell, Community Services Office
Fairfax Police Department
Phone: 415-453-5330
Email: cpowell@fairfaxpd.org

Filming in Larkspur
For the Larkspur Film Permit Application

Permit filing requirement: five business days

For assistance with filming in Larkspur, contact:
Shannon O'Hare
City of Larkspur
Phone: 415-496-2401 - Town Hall: 927-5110
Email: sohare@cityoflarkspur.org

Filming in Mill Valley
For the Mill Valley Film Permit Application and Business License Forms:
Mill Valley Police Dept for Special Events

Chief Alan E. Piombo Jr.
Phone: 415-389-4100

For assistance with filming in Mill Valley parks and Depot Square:
Regarding Authorization & Rates:
Annie Bricca, CPP
Facilities Supervisor
Mill Valley Parks & Recreation Department
Phone: 415-383-1370
Email: abricca@cityofmillvalley.org

Public Works Officer who reviews permits, evaluates traffic/parking/etc:
Dante Rovero, Public Works
Phone: 415-388-4033
Email: drovero@cityofmillvalley.org

Filming in Nicasio's Town Square
Complete the Town Square Use Policy and someone will contact you directly.
For all other Nicasio locations contact Marin County Land Development

Filming in Novato
For the Novato Film Permit Application:
Novato Hold Harmless Agreement
Film/Photo Permit-City of Novato

For assistance with filming in Novato, contact:
Sgt. Nick Frey
Novato Police Department, 909 Machin Ave.
Phone: 415-899-7027 - Town Hall: 415-899-8900

Filming in Ross
For the Ross Film Permit Application:
Filming Motion Pictures, Still Pictures or Television

Ross Town Hall
Linda Lopez, Town Clerk
31 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard (at the corner of Lagunitas Road)
Ross, CA 94957
Phone: 415-453-1453 ext. 105 - Town Hall: 415-453-8287

Filming in San Anselmo
For the San Anselmo Photo Shoot/Film Permit Application:

Permit filing requirement: five business days

For assistance with filming in San Anselmo, contact:
Town of San Anselmo
525 San Anselmo Ave.
San Anselmo, CA 94960
Phone: 415-258-4626 - Town Hall: 415-258-4600
Email: permits@townofsananselmo.org

Filming in San Rafael
For the San Rafael Film Permit Application:

Find photos and more on filming in San Rafael by going to www.sanrafaelfilm.com
Permit filing requirement: five business days

For assistance with filming in San Rafael, contact:
Brian Auger, Events Coordinator & Film Contact
City of San Rafael — Redevelopment Agency
Phone: 415-485-3383
Email: brian.auger@cityofsanrafael.org

Filming in the unincorporated town of Stinson
Marin County Department of Public Works
Land Development Division
3501 Civic Center Drive, Room 304
San Rafael, CA 94913
Phone: (415) 473-6530
Fax: (415) 473-3799
Email: dpwlanddevengineer@marincounty.org

For Marin County Public Works, Land Development website:

For Film Permit Regulations:

Filming in West Marin
Off-Road areas of Fairfax/Bolinas Road: Marin Municipal Water District, Laurie Offenbach (415) 945-1180 or Email: loffenbach@marinwater.org
Please note: The following unincorporated areas of West Marin will need the required permits through Marin County's Departement of Public Works with a ranger on site. These following contacts have requested to be notified only of any filming in their areas, but do not issue permits. Click here for all County of Marin Film Permit Regulations

Point Reyes Station: Public Works Dept (415) 499-6528 or Land Dev/Engineer (415) 499-3755
Bolinas Road and Fairfax/Bolinas Road: Bolinas Fire Chief Anita Brown (415) 868-1566: BCPUD, Jennifer Blackman (415) 868-1224
Marshall: Lori Kyle (510) 666-0069 (East Shore Planning Group)
Nicasio: Rocky Shone (415) 662-2016 rockyandmarcy@aol.com (Nicasio Landowners Assn. Pres.)
Tomales: Bert Crews, (415) 497-9303 Email: brcrews@me.com
Other Areas: Filming in Kent Woodlands, contact Jeanne Williams (415) 721-7429 jwilliams@kwpoa.com
Filming in the Sleepy Hollow area of Greensburg and Whiteplains Streets, contact Carolyn Goodman (415) 250-6264 carolyn@goodmanmarketing.com
Check with the Department of Public Works staff on all special requirements

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