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Filming CA State Roads and Buildings

Filming on California State Roads and Property

A permit is required whenever filming takes place on state property. The California Film Commission is a one-stop shop for State permits and will assist you in obtaining the required approvals from the CHP, Caltrans, State Parks, Facilities and the State Fire Marshal, where necessary. All State Park permits will need to go through the State of California Film Commission after getting local approval.

California Film Commission
Phones: 800-858-4749 or 323-860-2960
Fax: 323-860-2976 or 323-860-2972
Email: filmca@film.ca.gov
7080 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 900
Hollywood, CA 90028
Website: www.film.ca.gov

Filming on CA State Owned Roads and Highways
The California Film Commission has an on-site California Highway Patrol (CHP) Film Liaison who is available to assist with filming on State freeways and highways. This liaison advises and schedules CHP officers for film shoots. The California Film Commission (CFC), facilitates filming on California's roadways with its close partnership with the Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

Working with Caltrans, the California Film Commission issues film permits for all state highways and freeways. Film monitoring on state highways and roadways is provided by CHP. Film Media Relations Officer Ian Ramer is the contact for all unincorporated county roads, state highways, and freeways. Officer Ramer coordinates requests for CHP officers for film details and facilitates the approval process.
It is the production company's responsibility to contact the CHP Film Desk a minimum of three (3) business days prior to filming to determine whether officers are needed and available and to determine if local law enforcement should be involved.

Caltrans Highways and Roads
All Caltrans permits are issued through the California Film Commission
David Booth, Permit Coordinator for Caltrans
Phone: 323-860-2960 x 104
Fax: 323-860-2976
Caltrans Fax: 323-860-2976
Email: dbooth@film.ca.gov
Fees: No location fees. $140 review fee for Caltrans and hourly charges if necessary for rangers. Fees vary based on activity.

For California Highway Patrol support, contact the CHP Film Media Relations Officer at the CFC:
Officer Ian Ramer, California Highway Patrol Liaison
Cell: (213) 703-2070
Email: Ian.Ramer@chp.ca.gov

Once the application and paperwork have been approved through the CFC, traffic control for the actual filming on roads or highways may be made by contacting:
Officer Robert Winnie, California Highway Patrol in Corte Madera
Phone: 415-924-1100 x 241
Email: rwinnie@chp.ca.gov

1. CA State Buildings and Facilities:
Brandy Davis, Permit Coordinator for State Parks
Phone: 323-860-2960 x 106
Fax: 323-817-4106
Parks Fax: 323-817-4126
Email: bdavis@film.ca.gov

2. Filming in San Quentin State Prison
For all inquiries contact:
Permit Coordinator for CA State Buildings & Facilities - Prisons (San Quentin)
Brandy Davis, California Film Commission
Phone: 323-860-2960 x 106
Fax: 323-860-2972
Email: bdavis@film.ca.gov

Local Marin Contact:
Sam Robinson, Public Information Officer
San Quentin State Prison
Phone: 415-455-5000
Email: samuel.robinson@cdcr.ca.gov

3. Filming in State Courts
View California Film Commission's Production Alert here


Superior Court of California/Marin County: Marin County Superior Court

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