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32TEN Studios is located on the legendary lot in Marin County where Industrial Light & Magic built a state of the art production facility for the creation of ground-breaking visual effects. In fact, the current 32TEN Studios facility includes the shop where models for such legendary franchises as Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean were imagined and created.
Led by Tim Partridge, Greg Maloney, Greg Beaumonte, Geoff Heron and Sean House, 32TEN Studios has the experience and knowledge needed to deliver the unique combination of realism and impact that practical effects add to any scene.

32TEN Studios includes a 6,000-square-foot soundstage with a 60-foot green screen, production offices, wardrobe and make-up rooms, model and set fabrication shops, special effects equipment, and a 135-seat screening room.

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Deborah Albre
Film Liaison and Creative Services
Marin Film Resource Office
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