DOCLANDS Opening Night Film and Party

Date: Thursday, May 2, 2019

Time: 07:00 PM

Join us at DOCLANDS Opening Night Film and Party! The Opening Night Film is "RUNNER". When he was only nine, Guor Mading Maker (known as Guor Marial) ran from capture in war-torn Sudan to eventually seek safety in the US. In his new life, Maker began running again, participating in high school track and field and eventually becoming a sensation qualifying for the 2012 Olympics. But because the newly formed South Sudan was not recognized by the International Olympics committee, Maker had to fight to compete independently, refusing to run for Sudan and taking a stand against its oppression. Runner depicts Maker’s difficult and triumphant journey from refugee to world-renowned athlete, told in intimate interviews with gorgeously animated flashbacks of Guor’s upbringing and culminating in a heart-wrenching reunion with his parents after a 20-year separation. His story is a distinctly inspirational one in which the indomitable human spirit emerges against all odds—and has us urging those in power to choose to do the right thing.

Special Guests Director Bill Gallagher & Film Subject Guor Mading Maker.

  • Film: $35 / $30 CFI members
  • Film & Party: $55 / $50 CFI members
Tickets available for purchase online.

Opening Night Party: 9:00pm-11:00pm at Elks Lodge, Maple Lawn Terrace located at 1312 Mission Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901.

Additional Screening: Saturday, May 4 at 12:00pm at Smith Rafael Film Center. Regular ticket prices apply.

Additional Location or Other Information

1118 4th Street San Rafael, CA 94901, 415-454-1222