101 Surf Sports - Surf Foiling Lessons San Francisco


Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Time: Noon or 3:30 pm

Phone: (415) 524-8492

So you have seen all those videos on the internet and now you are ready to try Stand Up Paddleboard or Surf Foiling. Well we are ready to help you get going with some SUP & Surf Foilboard lessons.

We are stoked on SUP foiling ourselves and so we’ve set up a new program to get you SUP foiling safely. The lessons are taught by first getting you up and riding behind a boat. This is the safest and fastest way to get the knowledge and experience to get you up and riding. 

The lessons are 2 hours long and are taught out of Treasure Island 7 days a week on San Francisco Bay. 

Choose the "Surf Foiling lessons" on the website.

Additional Location or Other Information

Rates• 1 person $295 • Add another person for $185. All gear is included. While we can provide a wetsuit as well it’s always nice if you have your own to bring it. There is an additional $50 charge for weekends. 101 Surf Sports, 115 3rd St, San Rafael, CA 94901