Mill Valley Film Festival Screening of "Swimming With Men"


Date: Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Time: 2:45pm

Phone: 415-383-5256

You're invited to enjoy a screening of the hilarious film Swimming With Men. Swimming with Men follows a gang of hard-luck misfits who form a men’s synchronized swimming team and then seek redemption the only way they know how: by courting humiliation and competing in the world championships. In truth, the competition is irrelevant, as the film truly celebrates the enduring salve of male companionship in the face of aging, loneliness, failure, death, midlife crisis, and existential ennui. And its central pleasure is watching its bevy of beloved British character actors have a hilarious time bickering, melting down, and ultimately caring for one another while flapping, vanity-free, in the pool. 

Tickets go on sale September 9 for CFI Members and September 15 for General Public. 

Additional show times:

  • October 9 at 6:15pm at CineArts at Sequoia, Sequoia 2
  • October 12 at 3:15pm at CineArts at Sequoia, Sequoia 2

Additional Location or Other Information

The October 10 screening of "Swimming With Men" will be held at Smith Rafael Film Center, Rafael 1, located at 1118 4th St, San Rafael, CA 94901.