DocLands Honors Louie Psihoyos ("Racing Extinction") Program and Reception


Date: Friday, May 4, 2018

Time: 6:30pm-11:00pm

Phone: 415-383-5256

CFI invites you to their DocLands Honors Program and Reception for Louie Psihoyos. The DocLands Honors Award is presented to a filmmaker in recognition of exceptional storytelling within the documentary genre, an artist whose films resonate universally, emphasizing our common humanity—no matter the subject. The inaugural DocLands Honors Award will be presented to director Louie Psihoyos (The Cove, Racing Extinction, The Game Changers), for his dogged determination and tenacity in exposing wrongs and expanding awareness. We also show our appreciation for his astounding efforts in outreach, bringing to a worldwide audience some of our most pressing environmental and social issues.

PROGRAM: 6:30pm @ Cinearts Sequoia

  • $20 General
  • $15 CFI Members

About Racing Extinction: Louie Psihoyos has created an ode to life on our planet with a documentary that takes us on an unforgettable visual journey, one that features shocking undercover footage of illegal wildlife capture and trade, infrared camera-captured carbon monoxide emissions, the haunting underwater ballet of manta rays, and a breathtaking projection installation by Bay Area-based Obscura Digital. Glued together with careful editing, Racing Extinction raises awareness and inspires action with a masterful touch. 

PROGRAM & RECEPTION: 6:30pm @ Cinearts Sequoia & 9:00pm @ Seager Gray Gallery 

  • $30 General
  • $25 CFI Members



Additional Location or Other Information

Cinearts Sequoia is located at 25 Throckmorton Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941. Seager Gray Gallery is located at 108 Throckmorton Avenue, Mill Valley, CA 94941. Arrive early to guarantee admittance, ticket and pass holders must be in line 30 minutes prior to showtime. Doors typically open 30 minutes before showtime.