A Social Club Chat with Nion McEvoy at McEvoy Ranch


Date: Sunday, August 12, 2018

Time: 11:00am-2:30pm

Phone: 866-617-6779

Join us at Ancient Rythm, Ancient Grains A Social Club Chat with Nion McEvoy on Sunday, August 12th for a thought-provoking afternoon as we explore how music and food intersect in traditional cultures to heighten the sensory experience. Our Chat begins in the Victorian with an in-depth conversation between Nion McEvoy and Ken Albala, a food historian, and professor at the University of the Pacific, emphasizing the sounds and cuisine of Near and Middle Eastern cultures. Following the chat, discover the sounds of The Qadim Ensemble whose music evokes the spiritual heritage and diversity of the regions of Armenia, Greece, Morocco, and Turkey, to name a few. Enjoy a cooking demonstration by Culinary Director Jacquelyn Buchanan featuring Dukkah, then sample McEvoy Ranch wines paired with meze – a selection of small plates or bites traditionally served with drinks in the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

Tickets: $135 

Tickets available for purchase online.

Additional Location or Other Information

McEvoy Ranch is located at 5935 Red Hill Road, Petaluma, CA 94952.