Artworks Downtown - Is It Drawing or Painting? Workshop with Ellen Litwiller


Above: Intertidal #1 © 2015 Ellen Litwiller, graphite and oil paint on claybord, 24" x 24"

Date: Saturday, March 25, 2017

Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Phone: (415) 451-8119

“This is the closest thing I have found to drawing and painting at the same time!  The results can look like an etching, a photograph or a mono-print depending on your technique and style.” –Ellen Litwiller

Ellen will demonstrate some of the methods that she has learned while exploring this medium and substrate.  This workshop will explore using water, steel wool, brushes and whatever else is within arms reach to get the desired effects.  She will be creating an ocean landscape while speaking about the ways that you can make this material fit your own interest and style.

Participants should bring one (or more) Claybord panels no smaller that 8” x 10”

Bring some brushes, some will be provided as well.

Liquid Pencil (Darivan Rewettable), Brushes, Sandpaper, Steel wool, Sponges, Rags

Ellen’s work is heavily influenced by the natural world and at this time we are witnessing the ruination of wilderness due to Climate Change.  Like a reporter she wants to make a visual record for next generations to show we cared about what was happening, that we took notice of the losses and appreciated the nature around us. She has worked in the Natural History Museum industry for over 20 years painting murals, making models and building dioramas. Working closely with scientist has shown Ellen how closely artists and scientists are linked with their passion, commitment and a curiosity for observing and appreciating the planet we live on and the universe we live in.

Special Notes

Workshop is free for AWD Artist Members. $20 for non-members. Materials included. Maximum of 20 participants.