Point Reyes Outdoors - Bioluminescence Kayaking on Tomales Bay


Date: Friday, August 11, 2017

Time: 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Phone: (415) 663-8192

Bioluminescence is present when all the variables align: water temperature, air temperature, winds, currents, and tides. When the conditions are right, we are able to see dinoflaggelates, small organisms that “light up” the water a brilliant green when they are displaced. We can see this display best on moonless nights. On a moonless night, with the sun only a memory, the quiet darkness that surrounds us is the perfect viewing environment for the delicate light show put on by tiny organisms. Many people have heard about the magic of bioluminescence, but you can’t quite understand until you see it.

Best Viewing Dates: May through November. View Calendar for dates and times.

 Launch Site: Miller Park, Nick's Cove (see Directions)

Special Notes

Fri, Sat, and Sun. Start times depend on Sunset time. Price: $94 per person - 4 hr tour includes desserts from local bakery, hot beverages and fresh fruit, $84 per person - 3 hr tour.