After Your Visit to Marin County...

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    Two-Night Stay in Marin Hotel

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    Dinner for Two

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    Outdoor Fun


All you have to do is:

  • After spending a day or a week in Marin, just complete the following online survey via SurveyMonkey
  • Enter your name and email address after taking the simple survey to be eligible to win a Marin Staycation.
    We are collecting visitor information for Marin County and your feedback is important to us. 
  • View Staycation Guidelines on how to Enter to Win

Marin Give-Aways will be updated regularly, so check back often to see more detailed information on any of the following items:

  • Two-night accommodation in a Marin Hotel 
  • A Shopping Gift Card 
  • A Classic Marin outdoor adventure
  • Dinner for two on us 

Our Staycation offer will be live from March 11th, 2019 - August 31st, 2019
Winners will be announced on September 3, 2019