The Best Farm-to-Table Experiences in Marin County


Posted in Blogging Marin on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 by MCVB Staff

By Whitney Butler


Today’s farm-to-table scene means different things to different people. In fact, the very concept—the use of locally sourced products with little alteration—has become a commodity in and of itself. Even global food chains are jumping on the wagon.


But with its deep roots in farm-to-table culture, long-standing preservation efforts pursued by the Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT), artisanal boutiques around every corner, and spirited chefs supporting small farms and purveyors, the food system in Marin County, California, is as authentic as it gets—and it’s for everyone.


Here are some of Marin County’s best places to score farm-to-table food:


Belcampo Meat Co.



One of the ways farm-to-table shakes up traditional food systems is by cutting out distributors entirely. There’s no better example of this in Marin than at Belcampo Meat Co.’s butcher shop and restaurant.


In addition to serving great food in a casual setting, all the meat served is farm-raised on company property based at the foot of Mount Shasta in California’s Cascade Range. Belcampo’s 20,000-square-foot processing facility is just a short drive away and includes design features from the county’s leading humane handling expert, Temple Grandin.


The next time you’re in Larkspur, don’t miss a chance to enjoy a juicy burger or signature cheesesteak sandwich at this restaurant, or pick up a few chops to grill at home.


Breakers Cafe
Stinson Beach


Farm-to-table isn’t just for dinner; it’s for breakfast and lunch, too. Breakers Cafe makes this point by serving locally sourced ingredients, as well as produce from its garden in a variety of breakfast and lunch offerings a la New American classics with a Latin twist.


Inside you won’t find pretentious menu descriptions or excessive decorations on the walls. But you will find a tasty meal for a great price and an exceptional view from the outdoor patio. Even better, the cafe is licensed to serve food and beverages on the beach. If you’re planning a shoreline visit to Marin, definitely stop by for the most important meal of the day.


West Marin Food Tours

Point Reyes


Immerse yourself in Marin’s food system on a specialty, behind-the-scenes tour with Elizabeth Hill, certified Natural Chef. West Marin Food Tours leads guests on an intimate journey from the farm to the table. Each tour covers different facets of West Marin’s passion for sustainability, including the Cheese Lover’s, Oyster Lover’s and Wine & Cheese tours, to name a few.


Meet farmers, chefs and specialty purveyors as you taste your way through several delicious offerings, and make new friends along the way, too. If you’re pressed for time, West Marin Food Tours is a great and efficient way to experience some of Marin’s most famous culinary offerings.


Sir and Star



Despite humble beginnings on the farm, there is still plenty of room for decadence and refinement at the newest and most celebrated addition to Marin’s farm-to-table food scene, Sir and Star. Esquire called it one of the 10 best food experiences of the year; GQ said it was one of the top 25 new restaurants in the country. Whatever it is, it’s working.


Menu offerings harken to the sea, to the forest, to the rolling hillsides of Marin. Located in Olema, the interior is not what you might expect from popular farm-style dining. It’s elegant and crisp; you certainly won’t find ancient farm equipment adorning the walls or ceiling. At Sir and Star, it’s all about dazzling Marin ingredients and sumptuous, local food.


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